“Tim has earned his credentials many times over as a creative engineer-explorer who applies his talents for designing solutions for exploration challenges, then personally puts them into active field use, achieving unique exploration outcomes.”  Dr. Sylvia A . Earle
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    USS S-28 Discovered
    USS S-28 Discovered 1.6 miles deep off of Hawaii by exploration team led by Tim Taylor. This is the final resting place of forty nine lost US sailors.
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    USS S-26 Discovered
    USS S-26 discovered off of Pacific Panama. Lost one month after Peal Harbor she contains the remains of 46 US sailors.
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    BattleZine Interviews
    December 27, 2016
    BattleZine interviews Explorer and robotics expert Tim Taylor CEO of Tiburon Subseas
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    Marine Technology
    FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
    Marine Technology features an interview with Tim Taylor discussing the future of autonomous underwater vehicles.
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    Brazil Navy League Honors
    October 14, 2016
    Brazilian Navy League awards medal of honor to Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor for their discovery and exploration of the USS R-12 Submarine
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    CNN- Tim Taylor "San Jose"
    FRIDAY: MAY 16, 2014
    Tim Taylor, CEO Tiburon Subsea, is featured on CNN discussing the discovery of the treasure ship "San Jose" offshore Columbia.
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    Huffington Post
    WWII Submarine Discovery with 46 entombed
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    Bloomberg News
    Submarine Grave Discovery Propels NY Explorers’ Movie Bid
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    New York Times
    For Wetter or for Worse USS R-12 Discovered and explored by Featured New York Times Couple
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    Kongsberg - Discovery
    Kongsberg -Tiburon Subsea
    Kongsberg Maritime’s HUGIN 4500 AUV used to discover lost WWII Submarine USS S-28 off of Hawaii
  11. TODAY SHOW, Tim Taylor, Thai Cave Rescue, Wild Boar's
    Tim Taylor Appears on TODAY SHOW segment discussing the Thai cave rescue or the 13 members of the Wild Boar soccer team
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    Columbia School of Engineering
    Extreme Engineering: Exploring the Ocean Deep
    Tim Taylor/Christine Dennison Speak at Colubia
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    USS Grunion Bow Discovered
    Fall 2018 USS Grunion Bow Discovered
    The bow of WWII Submarine USS Grunion (SS-216) has been discovered in 2700 feet of water off the Aleutian Islands, Alaska by a team pioneering robotic ocean exploration. The ongoing WWII submarine discoveries lead by ocean explorer Tim Taylor are applying comprehensive 3D imaging pioneering a new frontier in ocean exploration.
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    Hydro International
    World War II Submarine S-28 Gravesite Officially Identified off Oahu
    Hydro International Article on Discovery of USS S-28 and Tim Taylor
    USS Grayback Discovered
    June 5, 2019
    USS Grayback discovered by CEO Tim Taylor and featured in New York Times expose published on Veterans Day 2019
New York Times
CBS News
Hydro International
Columbia Engineering
USS S-28
USS S-26
Marine Tech
Huffington Post
Bloomberg News
New York Times
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    UXO AUV Surveys Scotland
    Tiburon Subsea deploys AUV to run UXO surveys on the Bowls wind farm project in the Moray Firth Scotland.
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    London Financial Times
    London Financial Times Sunday edition magazine feature Tim Taylor as their "First Person"
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    CNN-Egyptian Plane
    Tiburon CEO discusses search for downed Egyptian jet liner in the Mediterranean
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    CNN- Lost WWII Sub
    Christine Dennison discussed the expedition o discover the lost WWII Submarine USS R-12 and the journey to find and share the discovery with families of the entombed sailors.
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    CCTV Lost Plane
    Tiburon CEO discusses search for lost airliner with China TV'
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    Fox News Ocean Search
    Tiburon Subsea's Time Taylor discussed ocean search logistics with FOX News.
Bowls UXO Survey
London Financial Times
Lost WWI Ships
China TV
Fox News
  1. Fox
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  2. Fox News- Flight 370 Search
    Tim Taylor discussed lost flight 370 with Shepard Smith
  3. CNN AUV Discussion
    Latest small AUV's Explained on CNN New Day
  4. CNN PiersMorgan -AUV
    This element represents the description field. Tiburin Subsea's Tim Taylor discusses AUV's with CNN's Piers Morgan.
  5. CNN AUV Ops Discussed
    Sea Operations/Submersible Specialist Tim Taylor joins Bill Weir with insight on the ongoing search for missing Flt. 370
  6. Christine Dennison Discusses WWII Ship wrecks
    Underwater photo expeditions capture WWII shipwrecks.