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AUV  Solutions
Tiburon Subsea provides global underwater technology rental and leasing services. We equip marine service providers and companies with the latest technologies and support. Our focus is on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and a strong network of affiliates.  Our technical team supports, trains and supplies services to a global fleet of AUV's whose systems are equipped with payload packages which include; integrated benthos sonar systems, multi beam, side scan sonar, magnetometers and bathymetry sensors. 

AUV's with low logistic autonomous robotic technology are the future of ocean exploration and the marine survey industry.  Tiburon Subsea is dedicated to the mission of making ocean technology readily accessible to our clients and affiliates. 

AUV's Rapid Growth

  • Rapid and Emergency Response
  • Post Disaster Assessments
  • Inspection
  • Exploration
  • Construction
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Scientific Research
  • Energy
  • Archaeology
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Security
  • Coastal Maintenance
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Security

AUV's are a the oceans disruptive technology

Providing AUV rentals, support services and training, Tiburon Subsea Services was formed to service the expanding field of autonomous underwater vehicles and the wave of technology that are bringing these systems into broad global use. 

AUV's are on the cusp of becoming the major disruptive technology in the exploration and accurate mapping of the underwater world. With a background in operational and logistical support for ROV/AUV operations, marine research, coastal zone management and underwater film and photography projects Tiburon Subsea Services management have been major players in underwater exploration for over twenty-five years and on the cutting edge of offshore AUV operations since 2007. "Tiburon Subsea Services" leverages the vast experience of its management team along with its global affiliate operators to set-up and service a major share of the global benthic imaging and data collecting market.

Tiburon Subsea Services utilize the most modern workhorse AUV's designed for coastal data collection to form the base of their fleet. The systems are designed to give a single operator the ability to run multiple vehicles, including launch and retrieval. Years of development have gone into easy of use and safety features that avoid vehicle risk. These systems are an affordable broad base deployable production grade vehicle that can stand up to the day to day of coastal and offshore demands.
  1. Industries
    Rapid and Emergency Response | Post Disaster Assessments | Inspection | Exploration |Construction | Environmental Monitoring | Scientific Research | Energy | Archaeology | Infrastructure Engineering | Security | Coastal Maintenance | Water and Wastewater | Security
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Commerce Permits

Access AUV systems in days not weeks or months.  Benefit from our established advance commerce  permits.   In addition to international permits and vetted affiliates our AUV's carry ATA carnet documentation: Commonly known as "Equipment Passports".  Simply put, they are international documents that simplify customs procedures for temporary import of our systems.  

  • One document
  • Accepted in 80+ countries
  • Eliminates duties, taxes and temporary import bonds
  • Easy exit and re-entry from US
  • Removes uncertainty and hassles
Stay up to date and trained on the latest advances in underwater robotics with our online learning management system (LMS) and hands on training (HOT) program. Tiburon Subsea keeps your organization relevant in a fast growing and ever changing world of underwater exploration.

Benefit from the utilization and up to date taining. Keep your team informed aready to go to work.  Hands on training centers and programs are being established around the world on a continuing basis.
  1. Ludmil
    S. Ludmil Andreani Pandeff is co-founder, president, and a director of Axa Solutions, Inc. an investment holding company. He is also co-founder, president, and chairman of Astea Solutions AD and a director of Haemimont AD. Astea and Haemimont provide data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and custom software development services to clients worldwide. He is also a trustee of the Haemimont Foundation, which supports academic and cultural initiatives in the Balkans. Mr. Andreani Pandeff brings more than 30 years of experience as a software entrepreneur with a focus on education, healthcare, and publishing, and in the formation of joint ventures between European, Latin American, and United States companies.
  2. Tim
    Tim Taylor is a world recognized ocean explorer and business entrepreneur. He has spent over thirty years in the marine industry working with innovative diving technologies and leading underwater expeditions. Tim's work, research and discoveries, have contributed scientific knowledge to the fields of oceanography, archaeology, biology and geology. He has discovered and explored numerous reefs, including Sherwood Forest Reef, considered the centerpiece of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve, Pulley Ridge, the deepest hermatypic coral reef in the world and Black Forest Run, the largest black coral tract in the United States. Tim personally lead a team that mapped 1800 square miles of remote ocean bottom at a depth of 1500 meters utilizing state of the art AUV systems. He has discovered three WW2 Submarines and their entombed crews which include the USS R-12, USS S-26 and the USS S-28. He has been awarded by the Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Navy League for his discovery, exploration and documentation of the USS R-12 on which two Brazilian officers served and are entombed. Tim is a Fellow in the Explorers Club and in 2008 was awarded the clubs prestigious Citation of Merit in recognition of his explorations. He is also the recipient of the Brazilian Navy Honorary Submariner Medal and the Brazilian Navy League Medal of Honor. Tim has been profiled in the London Financial Times, The New York Times, Bloomberg News and appears regularly on FOX, CNBC, BBC, CBC and CNN as an ocean technology and robotics expert.
  3. Christine
    Christine is a native New Yorker who swims with sharks, piranhas in the Amazon and scuba dives under Arctic ice. Among her expedition achievements, Christine was first woman to explore the underwater polar regions of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian High Arctic and the Amazon’s Rio Negro. She has lead and organized expeditions to the most remote corners of the world and skied to the North Pole as part of an all women’s team for polar conservation. She is co-founder and president of Mad Dog Expeditions, an exploration adventure company which pioneered diving and underwater exploration in the High Arctic. Throughout her career Christine has worked with companies at the forefront of undersea technology which she has incorporated into her business and projects throughout the world. Christine is honored as a Fellow in The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society of London. She has been awarded the Medal of Honor by the Brazilian Navy League and Honorary Submariner by the Brazilian Navy for her work and research in the discovery of the WWII US Submarine R-12 in which two Brazilian officers are entombed. She supports nonprofit organizations that promote ocean conservation, exploration and animal rescue and is on air expert for TV and News programs and is bilingual in Spanish
  4. William
    Bill graduated from Brown University with a degree in Business Economics. He began his career in finance in the Fixed Income Investment Management group Alliance Capital. From there he moved to Bear Stearns during the mid 1990’s where he worked in Equity Capital Markets, including a rotation with Bear Stearns Proprietary Risk Arbitrage Trading Desk. After 3 years at Bear Stearns Bill moved to the customer side of the investment business first as the Head Arbitrage Trader for Tiedemann Investment Group (formerly Tiedemann Boltres Partners.) In 1998 Bill was hired as the Head Trader for Para Advisors a multi-strategy investment fund which at it’s peak managed $1.1 billion of capital in public equities, debt, options, currencies and derivatives as well as number of private investments. Bill was responsible for all trading activities both domestic and international (Europe, Asia/Australia and South America) as well as risk management and overall investment strategy reporting directly to the President of the company. Bill spent 15 years at Para Advisors, becoming a partner in 2008. Through two decades as a professional investor Bill has held numerous investments in Energy (Oil & Gas Production, Exploration, Energy Services, Refining.) Other industries of focus include Chemicals, Construction and Engineering, LNG Shipping, Dry Bulk Shipping, Mining and Materials and all hard and soft commodities. Through these experiences Bill has developed a wide understanding of these sectors as well as a healthy rolodex of industry players and investors. Bill currently is serving and pursuing consulting work in Resort and Winter/Summer Sports Recreation World - a lifelong passion. If you ask Bill about the business of skiing be prepared for an avalanche of information. This is in addition to the time he is spending thinking about how to create worldwide dominance in the AUV rental market for TSS.
  5. Kevin
    Kevin McCarthy's entire career has been spent pursuing various “oceans” related endeavors, first as a professional diver, followed by various senior level management positions at a number of oceanographic manufacturing companies, including Klein Associates and Teledyne Benthos. He holds a B.S. from Northeastern University and an M.B.A. from Suffolk University. In 2000 he joined Hydroid LLC, a startup subsea robotics company that was founded to commercialize the REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle technologies developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In 2008 the company was acquired by the Norwegian company, Kongsberg Maritime. Kevin McCarthy has spent most of his 25 year career working for oceanographic instrumentation companies. Throughout the course of his career he has been involved in business development and the domestic and international marketing of a range of high technology products designed for a range of underwater applications. Systems he has been involved in marketing have included side scan sonars, electronic imaging systems, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and most recently Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). He has been employed by leaders in the ocean industry, including Klein Associates in Salem, New Hampshire and Benthos in North Falmouth, Massachusetts Kevin retired from his position of Vice President Marketing in 2010 to devote more time to his passion for wildlife photography. His images can routinely be seen in numerous National and International magazines and newspapers, including: Alaska Magazine, Aquarium Magazine, Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod Life, Explorer’s Journal, Falmouth Enterprise, National Wildlife, Natural New England, Ocean Realm, On The Water, Underwater Photographer, and Wildbird.
  6. Jacob
    Mr. Shakarchy's area of concentration is focused on corporate law, advising entrepreneurs in commercial and corporate transactions, all aspects of real estate finance, acquisition and development, and corporate and individual tax and estate planning. He is admitted to practice in New York. Mr. Shakarchy was born in Tehran, Iran of Iraqi parentage, attended the Tehran Community International School before commencing his college education in the United States. He graduated summa cum laude from The American University in Washington, D.C. Mr. Shakarchy then attended Georgetown University Law School and the New York University School of Law where he obtained respectively his J.D. and L.L.M. in Taxation degrees. Mr. Shakarchy worked in the Beverly Hills law firm of Kaplan Livingston Goodwin Berkowitz and in the Washington, D.C. offices of Finley, Kumble, Wagner, Underberg & Casey, in the corporate law, tax and real estate departments. Mr. Shakarchy specializes in providing personalized services for entrepreneurs. This involves day to day interaction in many details of his clients' respective business and personal endeavors. He acts in an advisory capacity as a general counsel for his clients, obtaining for them necessary legal representation within and without his firm. His emphasis has been to provide a client with proper advice on how to approach or structure a particular investment or business, to perform the legal services necessary to complete the transactions and to deliberate in advance an exit policy for the particular investment. His multi-cultural background and his fluent command of four languages have provided him with the tools necessary for sensitive and empathetic handling of his clients' needs.
  7. Robert "RB"
    ​​RB Havens has 25 years of engineering experience in marine and industrial environments ranging from manufacturing machinery and control systems to state of the art marine robotics. With a resume that includes Maintenance/Physical Plant Manager of a waste to energy power plant, RB has a diverse background that has allowed him to become proficient in multiple engineering disciplines including steam generated power systems, hydraulic controls, marine and industrial electrical power generation and distribution systems, ship propulsion systems, ship navigation systems, ship satellite systems and fully integrated computer control systems. Over the last three years RB has logged thousands of hours as the Lead Operator/Maintenance Technician for a benthic mapping project utilizing a Bluefin 12D AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The 1,500m rated INS (Inertial Navigation System) equipped 12D carried duel frequency side scan sonar and photo mapping payloads operating at an average depth of 1,200m.
  8. Andy
    A retired US Air Force Lt Colonel with over 28 years of experience in military operations and logistics, training, contract management, budget analysis, information and video technologies and simulator management. Andy is a combat decorated veteran, having flown combat missions in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, as well as Combat Air Patrol missions over Washington, DC and New York City. Throughout his career he was extensively involved in operational deployments of aircraft and equipment to remote locations along with the logistical standup and technical support of field level operations. Andy’s post military career has continued to build upon his military experience. As a contractor in the defense industry, he has been involved in the budgeting, contracting, acquiring, testing, integration and fielding of advanced equipment for multiple combat aircraft, including airborne Targeting Pods. He was also lead IT and managed the logistics and planning of launching, recovering and analysis of sonar operations for the AUV systems operation development team that was responsible for mapping 1800 square miles of ocean bottom in over 1500 meter. Andy comes to us from Infinite Technologies where as a Senior Analyst he was involved in software development and operational use of software designed for the Air Force, with over 2000 users, to manage sustainment of all their weapons system totaling more than 12 Billion dollars a year. Andy’s extensive experience dealing with military logistics and operations brings to the team proven leadership for our world-wide operations.
Extensive Online Learning Managment System
Our online learning managment systems provide a reliable long-term solution to software and procedural training.  Keeping our affilates and operators current on all upgrades and advances.  Hands On training is supplies

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