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Tiburon Subsea Servicesowns and operates a 600m Spectre manufactured by DOER Marine. Our Spectre is an electric light work class vehicle equipped with precision tracking system, optically corrected color HD video camera, color laser video measuring system, multi-beam imaging sonar and five axis hydraulic manipulator. Optional payloads include Conductivity/Temperature/Depth sensor and sample collection. Scanning sonar, sub-bottom profile sonar and other custom sensor packages and tools can also be integrated if desired.

Combined with a compact and light weight Launch and Recovery System (LARS), our Spectre’s low power consumption, excellent optics and sensors make it an ideal vehicle for marine research and or light work that can be deployed from our boat or any platform.  Otis is also design to support the needs of our AUV rental fleet and can be deployed around the world on standby on AUV operations to fulfill that objective.

Our 600m rated DOER Marine Spectre ROV was selected specifically to fill the niche between inspection class and full working class ROVs. Designed for the scientific and marine research market, our Spectre can be equipped with our Sea Mantis 5 (five axis hydraulic manipulator), Pacific Insite Mini Zeus color 4K High Definition camera, Tritech Typhoon color laser camera with video measuring system, Tritech Gemini mulitibeam sonar, sample-taking-payloads as well as other sonar and sensor gear. Our Spectre has the versatility to perform well in different project applications including scientific study, survey, search and recovery, inspection and sampling

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forward looking sonar
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ROV Offshore Operations
ROV 20' Control Container
ROV Container Control Center
Offshore Operations- ROV
600m ROV
General Specifications
  • Dimensions: 60.0”L x 35.0”W x 33.0”H
  • Weight: 795 pounds
  • Payload: 30-75 pounds
  • Frame: Aluminum w/ Integrated Lift
  • Tilt Assembly: 270° Pan - 90° Tilt
  • Thrusters: 4 Horizontal 2 Vertrans
  • Forward Thrust: 150 pounds
  • Forward Speed: 2.5 knots
  • Max Depth: 600 meters
  • Power:100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz 6KVA
  • Mobility: 20’ Operations Container with Control Center
  • Can be mobilized on suitable vessels without operations container

Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Lights: 4 SeaLight Sphere LED lamps color 6Kw two circuits
  • Heading: Flux gate compass 
  • Depth Sensing Instrument: Quartz Valeport Strain Gauge =/- .05% Range
  • Tritech Gemini Sonar: 720 kHz multi beam 120° field of view range .2m -120m
  • Tritech MicroNav Tracking:Ultra short baseline (USBL) Frequency 20-25 kHz pitch roll compensated, range accuracy +/-.2m bearing accuracy +/- 3°, monitor up to 15 Transponders.
  • SeaMantis 5 Manipulator: Hydraulic, payload 150 pounds, full extension, full extension lateral Force 150 pounds min range of motion 103°, Wrist 360° continuous rotation, jaw force up to 200 pounds proportional.
  • Typhoon Video Camera: Video Measuring System color camera, image capture, 5 laser w/ ranging-view 2.2° - 47° in air, accuracy .1mm.
HD Color Camera
  • Model: Mini Zeus
  • Manufacturer: Insite Pacific Inc.
  • Video Format: 1080i
  • Focus/Zoom: Remote Control
  • Focus Range: Dome/Optic corrected 5.1mm 10x zoom
  • Angel of View: 5.1mm | 51mm
  • Diagonal: 100° | 10.8°
  • Horizontal 85° | 8.8°
  • Vertical 64° | 6.6°

Equipped with fiber optic umbilical and HD recording deck topside allowing for real time topside observation in HD video
Operation Software
  • Core Balefire software with integrated workspace, auto pilots and payload control
  • Station Keeping 
  • Automation and sonar tracking
  • Upgraded Topside Controlling Systems
  • Jet Pump Excavation System
Optional Payloads
  • Oceanographic:Conductivity probe, temperature probes:
  • Cable cutter, recovery hook 
  • Sampling Trays
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