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Digital Video Camera 
Spare Tailcone
Explorer is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most efficient high-sensitivity total-field magnetometer. That’s a lot of punch for a mag that packs so light.
  • Automated imaging of either stills or video for a variety of applications.
  • Directly integrated in mission planning software for individual waypoint programming.
  • Still images collected are geo-referenced and can be viewed directly on mission map source.
  • Single or Dual port, both color and black and white with integrated LED lights.
Extra Battery Section
  • Vector MAP: Mission planning and data viewing package. Plan missions in minutes, transfer operating files directly to the AUV.
  • Sonar Mosaicing:  Processes sonar records for overlaying on the VectorMAP mission planner charts.
  • UVC:  Underwater Vehicle Control system. Simple operation, LOAD MISSION, PLAY and your running. Optional remote helm/backseat driver for user extensions of the EP-AUV.
  • SonarPro: L3 Klein-SonarPro is a custom-developed comprehensive ease-of-use side scan sonar user interface. Field proven for 40 years, SonarPro is a modular package combining with advanced side scan sonar features. 
Acoustic Modems
Spares Kits
Training Courses
  •  Instructor Led Training (ILT), 
  • HOT Programs-(Hands On Training).
  • ELearning Programs: 
  • IVER AUV Operations/software
  • ​TSS Operational Certification
  • Continuing Education

Post Processing Services- TSS offers full post production and reporting services utilizing industry standard SonarWiz
Post Production Deliverables
Vector MapMosaicU/W ControlSonarProSonarWiz

Our  AUV's carry ATA carnet documentation: Commonly known as "Equipment Passports".  Simply put, they are international documents that simplify customs procedures for temporary import of our systems.  Read more>>>

  • One document
  • Accepted in 80 countries
  • Eliminates duties, taxes and temporary import bonds
  • Easy exit and re-entry from US
  • Removes uncertainty and hassles

NOTE: they do not exempt holders form obtaining necessary licenses or permits
Carnet - Equipment Passports
Side Scan - Swath Bathymetry Sonar System  UUV-3500   read more>>>>
Survey class AUV's with a variety of high resolution sonar and oceanographic payloads, with a swappable rear battery section. Different navigation options available to meet project accuracy requirements. Typical base system includes DGPS with INS (inertial navigation system), motion sensor, DVL (Doppler velocity logger), pressure/depth sensor, digital gyro compass, and sound velocity profiler.  

Upgrades designed for maintaining accurate positioning over longer duration missions include USBL (ultra short baseline) and LBL (long base line) with deployed buoys/transponders.  

Tiburon Subsea also operates a Science Class Spectre ROV System 
Coming 2016
Mission Focus
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