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London Financial Times features Tim Taylor First Person
Tiburon Subsea Announces plans to develop global AUV rental fleet specializing in zero to two hundred meters deep operations. Read more >

Bloomberg News
Tiburon Subsea Servies contracted to develop and run ground breaking AUV expedition.  Mapping 1800 square miles of ocean bottom at put to 1500 meters deep. Read more >
Tim Taylor discusses searching for lost Malaysia Airlines Flight #370 with AUV's technology. View Video >
April 2014 CNN Piers Morgan Live
Malaysia Flight #370 discussion panel with Shepard Smith on FOX
View Video >
Tim Taylor discusse AUVs with FOX News Shepard Smith
Discovery and exploration of USS R-12 Submarine in 600 feet of eater with AUV technology. Read more >

Marine Technology Read more>
November 2014 TSS acquires new AUV system 
Record Breaking AUV Mission
Hydro-Magazine
January 2015 CNN New Day Tiburon AUV system explained
Tim Taylor discusses AUV technology on CNN's New Day View video >
February 2015 Marine Technology 
Five Minutes With Tim Taylor, Tiburon Subsea. An interview discussing AUV's  and the future utilizationRead more ›
June 2015 China's CCTV 
Tim Taylor joins CCTV as expert on multiple shows to discuss the sinking of the passenger ferry on the Yangtze River View Video ›
July 2015 Tiburon ROV Upgrades
Tiburon Subsea is upgrading its operation and navigation system on its large ROV to GreenSeas Systems Read more ›
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December 2015 Cartagena Colombia-Historic Galleon Discovery Using AUV Technology
Tiburon Subsea CEO, Tim Taylor, discusses the "Holy Grail" of treasure wreck discoveries with Jonathan Mann on CNN International. View Video ›
Feb 2016-TSS CEO Tim Taylor invited to be keynote speaker at Underwater Intervention read more>>>
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Brazilian Navy League Honors Explorers Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor read more >>>>

SCOTLAND: AUV UXO Survey of Nearshore & Littoral Zones Breakthrough  read more >>>>

Jan 2017; Battleface Travel - Words and images for people who go to dangerous places.Interview with OCEAN EXPLORER AND ROBOTICS EXPERT  read more >>>>

Jan 24, 2017;   The First US Submarine Casualty of WWII has Been Discovered!    read more >>>>